how to get a quote 

Determine the gauge of your film. See below.

Step 1 

Estimate the footage of your film. See below:
Actual footage is measured during the transfer process.

Step 2

8MM and 16MM Film Transfers

Long Island Film Transfers

200 Foot Reel

Step 3

35mm color slides and color photo negatives

Count the total number of slides to be converted.
Count up the total number of color negatives to be converted.
Select the desired quality (resolution) of the converted images:
                                       Good  (1200 dots per inch)
                                       Better (2000 dots per inch)
                                       Best    (4000 dots per inch)

Step 4

We will the respond with a price estimate to you via email. Since the actual footage of the transferred movie film is measured during the conversion process, the fees can be slightly lower or higher than the quoted estimate. For example, if you send us a 400 foot reel with only 350 feet of film, the final fee will be lower than for the full reel of 400 feet.

In our experience, the wide range of options available, the uniqueness of each ploject, and quantity discounts have made this approach to be the best for our customers. 

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50 Foot Reel

300 Foot Reel

400 Foot Reel